Monday, June 6, 2016

Cart Path Hump Removal

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We all know how annoying the bumps are on our cart paths from the tree root encroachment.

They have really gotten bad the last three years.  The cost to remove the black top, gravel and roots with the installation of new gravel and blacktop was astronomical.  At my national conference and trade show I came across a company called Flat Paths.  They remove the above ground humps in a matter of minutes.

Here is a tree root behind 4 tee all the way over the cart path.

Here is the machine grinding down the black top and tree root.

It took about 3 minutes to smooth this one and to match the level on each side of the hump.

Just after, with debris all over.

A quick brush of the blacktop.

Still a crack in the blacktop but the hump is gone and super smooth.  We'll start adding cold patch to the really bad ones and we'll be trying a product called EZ Street crack filler soon.  

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Range Mat Project in 22 Pictures

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Concept - layout - back edge depth - brick spacing - when to start the angle - spacing between mats

Sod removal

Soil removal to six inches

Edge prep and leveling

Stone hauling and leveling

Stone leveling and compaction

The secret is in the stone for leveling.

The east angle

Brick installation starts

The jig

Taking shape, 1/2 done

Heading east 

The cement underground border

Matching bricks under the cooler station and range ball box, out with the old.

The angle turned out better than I thought.
Two new mats to sample

We put our old mats in there until all 15 new ones arrived.

Topsoil around the border

Sod installation

Our new club stands

The finished product, 15 stations, no more moving mats daily, spring and fall, for outings, junior golf and all Mondays.

The finished product from the east.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Deep Tine Aerification & New Range Tee

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Last night our contractors started deep tining our greens.  This process creates an 8 inch channel which improves drainage, provides space for roots, improves oxygen and reduces thatch.  The biggest benefit is that it breaks through the bottom layer of topdressing sand and the subsoil the greens were built out of.  We topdress after, brush the sand in, water, then double roll.  You won't be able to tell that we even aerified in a few days.

Click here to view the machine in action, turn down your speakers.

Our new range mats will be here Friday and we will install sod around the bricks next week.  

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Range Project Update

First we cut out the sod on the back of the range tee 8 x 125 feet long.

We excavated 6 inches deep.

Had some hand work on the inside edges. 

Hauling in the stone material that goes under the brick pavers.

Plate compacting the stone.

Three pieces of 1/2 inch pipe help create the 1% drainage grade and to make the surface perfect before brick installation.

Prepping the east end while stone is being installed in the middle.  The last 6 stations will also be aimed towards the middle of the range as we angled this section on purpose.  Plus it creates a great area for demo day tents and lessons.

Brick installation started by noon on Thursday.

A 5 x 5 stencil is used to form around the future location of our new range mats.

7 out of 16 stations were finished by the end of the day on Friday.

East end stone being installed in this picture.  We should wrap up the brick installation on Wednesday, then soil and seed the edges on Thursday.  Our new mats are back ordered but we'll be using our current mats once the project is completed.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Opening Next Wednesday the 16th

11 Fairway - Photo taken 3/9/16


Good afternoon,

With the very mild weather over the last week and with there being very little snow to melt, we will be opening the golf course next Wednesday, March 16 at 11:00 AM. We still have plenty of snow on holes 4-7 but the dry nine, 1-3, 15-17, 8, 9,18 will be ready by next Wednesday. We are excited to have you visit the club as soon as you can to see all of the beautiful new carpet around the club as well as the makeover of the Pro Shop. Carts will be available. We’ll also be open for dinner next Wednesday and don’t forget we have Trivia Night, Kid's Night, Euchre Night and Music Night fast approaching. Welcome to the 101st year at the Club!

Steve Hammon, Golf Course Superintendent

Monday, February 22, 2016

Turkey Bowling and the Oasis on 13

We started clearing the snow in the valley Friday morning with shovels and the snow blower.  We were concerned about the warm weather and rain on the way completely melting all of the snow over night but we started anyway.

We did lose about 1/2 of the snow along the sides but the lane kept it's shape.  We ended up installing a thin sheet of plywood under the plastic to help keep the pins from tipping over.

My assistant Jon and I Saturday before the event.

Since Scott is already an accomplished bowler, we had him do the honors of throwing out the first ball...I mean turkey.

Of course it was a strike, way to go pro!

We set up a small hospitality tent out on 13 for those who wanted to enjoy the golf course in the winter.  

Chef Chris and his team created some great appetizer trays, we had port wine sampling and mulled cider with Capital Morgan Spiced Rum.

The fire was roaring and we brought out some of our golf course benches to use around the fire.  

Turkey bowling leader board.

Winter twilight turkey bowling with tiki torches.
Thanks to everyone who came out to the club on Saturday.