Monday, February 13, 2017

Winter Equipment Maintenance Update

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Every winter we completely rebuild our vibratory greens rollers.

We roll the greens every day from mid-May through mid September.  In the fall when the growth slows down we roll every other day into mid-October.

There are three vibratory rollers on our triplex.  The bearings and vibrating mechanism really take a beating and always need a major overhaul in the winter.

Here is our 20 year old Kubota tractor.  This winter we replaced all of the rear axle bushings and seals on both the right and left side.

After this repair we moved on to our green and tee cutting units.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Cross Country Ski Trail Update

On Tuesday, we went out on the golf course with our snowmobile and cross country trail groomer and attempted to groom the cross country trail.  Although we have just over 12 inches of snow on the golf course there is just not enough of a base to sustain grooming the trail three days a week.   You are welcome to enjoy cross country skiing on the golf course but until we get additional snow to set a good base, we won’t be able to groom the trail.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Golf Course Status

Golf Course Status...

It was great having a few bonus days
this week to play a little more golf
and finish out the 2016 season with a
short 2nd season of play in late November.

With the snow lightly coming down now and highs barely getting to 40, the golf course will again be closed starting this afternoon, Friday 12/2/16.

-Steve Hammon, Golf Course Superintendent

Traverse City Golf & Country Club
1725 South Union Street
Traverse City, MI 49684

Monday, October 31, 2016

Root Pruning Round 2......21 Years Later :)

Two weeks ago we rented a trencher and root pruned around 6 green.

We went down 15 inches and wow did we cut some roots...again.
The insert picture that I am holding is the photo I took 21 years ago.  It was the first project I started in the spring of 1997.

We installed the same root barrier as we did back then.  The life expectancy of the barrier is 15-18 years.

Here is a picture from this morning, 10/31/16.  The grass on the inside of the trench is already noticeably healthier.   

We installed a small layer of green mulch that has fertilizer and seed in it for recovery.  Not sure how much growth we will get in November, but it's a start for 2017.  We start thinning out the south maple tree limbs this Wednesday.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Our First Superintendent Open House and Picnic

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Building Tours


Kid Games

Putting Course on 6 Green


Phenomenal Food and Drinks

NFL Red Zone then the Fed Ex Cup on TV


A cake and toy lawn mowers (with club logo) for the kids provided by Peg and Dan Jonkhoff

Fairway Sprayer Rides


Peg with Long Time Grounds Employee Scott Werly

45 Adults and 15 Kids

Mrs. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Treter and my Range Tee Guru, John Babrick

Assistant Superintendent, Jon Lamb Playing Some Catch with the Kids



"The Superintendent" Drink Being Enjoyed by Members