Monday, July 29, 2013

Ball Marks on Greens and Rolling

Depending on the morning golf events and tee times, the greens mower and the roller operator each fix 15 ball marks per green.  This is the tool that we use.  The green committee requests that each member should repair their ball mark and one other.


The hand tool has four spikes that lift the ball mark up to the surface then you just step on it once to smooth out the marks.

Each morning we roll the greens after we mow. This keeps them smooth, firm and green speeds around 10.5 feet.  Chad, our Grand Valley University student is rolling and my assistant Jon is changing the hole location for the day on 7 green.

Here is a closeup of one of the rollers, there are three rollers on the machine. What makes these so unique is that they vibrate as they roll to help compact and smooth the surface.