Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Epic Tree Damage

 I toured the course today on the snowmobile and I was expecting to see lots of damage but what I saw is really unbelievable.  My photos don't show how massive and wide spread the damage really is.  We are tuning up the chain saws, pole pruners and the chipper.  We will start on the clubhouse parking lot first.  Once the snow melts and we can get on the course we will start on the damage from this epic March storm.
 This is the Chinese Elm on 8, check out the size of the limb laying next to the base.
 Many of the trees on 8, 11 and 17 will need to come down completely.
 Right of 13
 Right of 13
 This is the right of 13 looking back at the tee.  The entire ring of White Pines framing this hole looks like a tornado went around it.

 Left of 16
 Behind 17 Green
 Right of 17
 Left of 3 Fairway