Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Winter Reel Maintenance

 My equipment technician Dave is a few months into his winter reel maintenance.  He disassembles each reel and rebuilds the bearings, bushings, belts and pulleys as needed.  Then everything is reassembled and the reel and bed knife get sharpened. 
 Dave also repairs major issues that are discovered in the winter during our preventative maintenance.  This is one of our fairway mowers getting some needed front axle repairs.
This is a photo of our bed knife machine sharpening a bed knife to precise measurements.  The bed knife is mounted underneath each reel when it is put back together.  The bed knifes are replaced yearly and the cutting reels last 3-4 seasons.
This is a fairway cutting unit ready to be sharpened on the grinder. The grinding wheel comes up from the bottom.