Monday, October 31, 2016

Root Pruning Round 2......21 Years Later :)

Two weeks ago we rented a trencher and root pruned around 6 green.

We went down 15 inches and wow did we cut some roots...again.
The insert picture that I am holding is the photo I took 21 years ago.  It was the first project I started in the spring of 1997.

We installed the same root barrier as we did back then.  The life expectancy of the barrier is 15-18 years.

Here is a picture from this morning, 10/31/16.  The grass on the inside of the trench is already noticeably healthier.   

We installed a small layer of green mulch that has fertilizer and seed in it for recovery.  Not sure how much growth we will get in November, but it's a start for 2017.  We start thinning out the south maple tree limbs this Wednesday.