Friday, May 20, 2016

The Range Mat Project in 22 Pictures

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Concept - layout - back edge depth - brick spacing - when to start the angle - spacing between mats

Sod removal

Soil removal to six inches

Edge prep and leveling

Stone hauling and leveling

Stone leveling and compaction

The secret is in the stone for leveling.

The east angle

Brick installation starts

The jig

Taking shape, 1/2 done

Heading east 

The cement underground border

Matching bricks under the cooler station and range ball box, out with the old.

The angle turned out better than I thought.
Two new mats to sample

We put our old mats in there until all 15 new ones arrived.

Topsoil around the border

Sod installation

Our new club stands

The finished product, 15 stations, no more moving mats daily, spring and fall, for outings, junior golf and all Mondays.

The finished product from the east.