Monday, February 22, 2016

Turkey Bowling and the Oasis on 13

We started clearing the snow in the valley Friday morning with shovels and the snow blower.  We were concerned about the warm weather and rain on the way completely melting all of the snow over night but we started anyway.

We did lose about 1/2 of the snow along the sides but the lane kept it's shape.  We ended up installing a thin sheet of plywood under the plastic to help keep the pins from tipping over.

My assistant Jon and I Saturday before the event.

Since Scott is already an accomplished bowler, we had him do the honors of throwing out the first ball...I mean turkey.

Of course it was a strike, way to go pro!

We set up a small hospitality tent out on 13 for those who wanted to enjoy the golf course in the winter.  

Chef Chris and his team created some great appetizer trays, we had port wine sampling and mulled cider with Capital Morgan Spiced Rum.

The fire was roaring and we brought out some of our golf course benches to use around the fire.  

Turkey bowling leader board.

Winter twilight turkey bowling with tiki torches.
Thanks to everyone who came out to the club on Saturday.