Monday, June 9, 2014

Topdressing, Fertilizing & Tree Work

 Today we topdressed the greens with sand.

This is Joe, our intern from Michigan State mowing greens ahead of the topdresser.

Dave is mowing collars and approaches.

 Dan spreads the sand next. 

Scott drags the sand in with our brush.  He goes over the green twice then blows off any excess debris that is in the sand or brought back up on the green by all of the equipment.
After the brush we use our vibrating rollers to work the sand in.

After the roller, my assistant Jon and I fertilized all of the greens, collars and approaches in two directions.

The final step is to water in the sand and fertilizer.
Last Monday we had our tree contractors remove seven dead white pine trees along the power line on 8.  These are the same power lines that supply our pump station on 16.
 To get on the other side of the power lines, they extend the bucket arm all the way up, then it rotates and bends in the middle.

We have started to seed some of the natural areas where the skunks and raccoons have been digging for grubs.