Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year!

Our winter repairs are in high gear (no pun intended) right now.  My equipment technician is Dave Ertl, he has been with the club for 14 years.  This is our John Deere tractor and Dave is working on an antifreeze leak.  He has dismantled over 1/2 of the engine just to get at the leak.

This year we are again working in partnership with the TBA Career Tech Center and the Michigan Works program.  We have a student three hours a day four days a week helping us work on all of the winter repairs and reel sharpening.
The club purchased this John Deere tractor 2 years ago, it was a three year returned lease unit from Boyne.

The bucket on the front comes off with easy quick connect attachments.

These are our greens rollers that we use everyday to keep the greens smooth, fast and firm.  We rebuild all three of them twice a year.