Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Late Fall Work & Happy Thanksgiving

This is me fertilizing fairways.  This material will slowly break down over winter and feed the soil.  When spring arrives and the plants need food it will be there waiting.  Dan flags the center of the fairway so I know where to match up my next pass.

This is Dave Harner, he has been with me for 7 years.  He is pulling our oldest piece of equipment, a 1972 Jacobson sweeper.

It's really old but it works great in the grass and on pavement.

Scott Werly has worked weekends for me for 12 years.  This year he switched to full time seasonal and it was great having him on my team full time.

It's a lot of extra work but we fertilize the valley in front of clubhouse with our push spreaders.  The large spreader I am pulling in one of the above photos is too hard to maneuver in the valley. 

The leaves certainly came down earlier than ever.  Normally the oak leaves are still in the trees over the Thanksgiving holiday.