Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our Greens Aerification Process

The first thing we do on Monday morning of greens aerification is we mow them. With all of the sand on them and brushing them the next three days we won't be mowing them again until Thursday morning.  This is Chris and he was accepted into Optometry School.

The next step is using an aerifier.  This is the same one that we use on the fairways we just change out the tine brackets and install small tines.  Dan has been with the club for over 20 years.

This is the rear view.  Dan was on the 9th green and it only took ten minutes, this is a great machine.
This is another amazing machine....the core harvester!  John has been with me for 10 years and is also the Harbor Master at Bowers Harbor.

The next stop is spreading sand on the greens.

This is the topdresser fully loaded.
John is pulling the drag brush.  This was Thursday morning, ahead of play and the third morning we were working the sand into the holes.  We used the brush every morning this week to drag the sand in the best we could.

Jeff joined us this year back in May.  He is rolling the green and these rollers also vibrate which helps work the sand into the holes and the turf.  Jeff was the former property care taker for one of the Ford families on Crystal Lake.

The last step is watering in the sand.  The greens feel extra soft this week because of the water after we brush each morning and at night to work the sand it.  We fertilized the greens extra last week so they should recover in 7-10 days if the weather stays warm.