Monday, April 9, 2012

Starting and Finishing

We started out the week today by topdressing all of the greens with sand, we do this every three weeks.  We drug in the sand with our drag brush two times then we ran our vibrating rollers over it to help get the sand worked into the turf.  Tonight the greens will get a double dose of water to work the sand down even further.  

This week we will be spraying our greens a second time with special products which keep the annual bluegrass on our greens from seeding in late May and June.  One other interesting project that we started late last fall and are finishing up this week is our new fairway addition on 18. Last week we mowed, aerified and verticut the left of 18.  Today we over seeded it and applied a starter fertilizer.  The new area measured up at almost a 1/2 acre of additional fairway turf so happy hooking on 18 this year.

Last week Dan mowed the new fairway addition before we aerified it.

 Dave used our walking aerifier to punch holes in the new section.  It really looked nice before we turned it into dirt :).