Saturday, June 25, 2011

26 Center Pieces

 This week we helped create a portion of the wedding center pieces for the Rogers/Jonkhoff wedding reception at the club this weekend.  The bride and groom wanted to have an 8 inch round mini-putting green in the middle of the flower arrangements on each table.  This is Dan or if you watch Ace of Cakes on T.V. he would be our version of Duff.  Dan and I talked and planned a lot on how to make these putting greens look the best we could. We hand cut each of the 26 putting greens from the collar on our nursery green next to 15 fairway.  Once we installed them into the holders, Dan cut a small hole in the center and trimmed the edge clean with scissors.  The florist picked them up on Thursday and we are looking forward to seeing the photos of the finished product.  Congratulation to the bride and groom, we were honored to help with your special day.