Wednesday, April 14, 2021

From 81 to 31

Michigan weather, we know it all too well don’t we!  We all knew that the upper 70s and the 81 degree days a few weeks ago were amazing but we all deep down knew we would see snow again. 

The snow and cold temps are back but we are still out performing our work duties on the golf course.  It will be a real Chili Cup event on Thursday  

Speaking of work, it’s expected that all members will work at taking care of the golf course. Your main focus is repairing your ball marks, raking the bunkers when the rakes come back out and replacing your divots.  Since we opened in 2021, I have seen many grouped divots in the fairways and the divots have not been put back. Please replace your divots on the fairways and after shots on our par threes please.  

All five of these divots were 20 feet in front and not replaced. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Summer Weather for Now

Thanks Peg Johnkoff for this beautiful sunrise picture of 9 green. 

This week we are getting the irrigation system going and all of our course restrooms are open. 

All 18 holes are open as we venture into season three of the 2021 season.  Hopefully we can stay open from here on out. 

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Season 3

The Tigers had their season opener today and we’ll have our third season opener tomorrow on Friday. 

   18 before this last round of snow. 

Most of the snow melted today and only some left in the shadows of the trees. Super cold tonight into the teens and 48 tomorrow so we’ll open at 12:00 on the first tee with carts. 

The bathrooms are still closed for the season until nighttime temps remain above freezing.  Our water bottle stations are ready on 4 and 13. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Course Update March 24

Nice to be open again and we’ll see what the change in weather brings this weekend.  So glad to have all of the greens look as nice as the putting green and 18 do. Water bottles and ice are on 4 and 13 but the bathrooms are still closed. 


Friday, March 19, 2021

Course Opening Update

We will have the dry nine open tomorrow, Saturday the 20th and all 18 on Sunday. With cold night time temperatures, tee times start at noon both days. Golf carts will be available. 

Still some snow on 4 and 3 but most of it should be gone by Sunday. 

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Thursday March 18 Update - Golf Course Reopening Soon

This is about the same picture out my window as my post two weeks ago.  With mother nature sending a flash snowstorm overnight on Monday, the "temporary" in last week's opening was just that.

I am hoping the snow melts by noon on Saturday so we can open the golf course again.  We'll have to wait and see if it is the same "short 6" or if we can get the dry nine open.  With overnight temperatures in the 20s we sure don't melt much snow overnight.  

My plan is to have the driving range open Monday at 11:00 and we'll get golf carts going as soon as possible, maybe Sunday if it's dry enough.


Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Temporarily Opening Six Holes on Thursday the 11th!

Tomorrow, Thursday March 11, we will be opening six golf holes for daily play at 10:00.  Yes you read that right!  Walking and push carts only, no carts will be available until further notice.  The route will be 1,11,8,9,10,18, score cards are available and we'll have the flag sticks in the greens.  

                                 1,11,8,9,10,18 Will be Open

The course is in great shape, come on out and play.  No tee times will be taken and please no guests at this time.  The 19th Hole Pub is open Tuesday - Sunday 11:00 - 9:00.  The driving range remains closed at this time and the course will open each day at 10:00 until further notice.

                                            Looking East


                            18 Green, Putting Green and 1 Tee


From 81 to 31

Michigan weather, we know it all too well don’t we!  We all knew that the upper 70s and the 81 degree days a few weeks ago were amazing but ...